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Product Name: ZD30 Engine Parts


Parts including: cylinder block, cylinder head, oil pan, oil pump, crankshaft, camshaft, flywheel assembly, alternator, starter and etc.


Brief Introduction: Chinese made ZD30 engine is 3L ZD series Diesel Engine made by DongFeng and NISSAN joint-venture company. It is ideal power for light-duty truck, light-duty bus and SUV. ZD30 Engine is manufactured by the advanced engine technology which introduce from NISSAN. It adopts the leading design idea and methods, and realizes all kinds of performance indicators such as big power, low emission, low oil consumption, low noise and high reliability etc.


High Reliability: World quality , Sold Back to Japan, Exported to the World

World famous parts supplier

World top 3C machining and test device

Stronger intensity, reliability, and stability with gantry structural cylinder-block, aluminum alloy cylinder-head,   DOHC and overall main bearing.

Four highs calibration (high temperature, high humidity, high frigidity, highland); starts normally at -35℃ and guarantee the environmental adaptation at all condition.

12000-hour reliability test and over 100000 kilometers enduring test

Over 10000  trails of every single component to guarantee reliability from parts level



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We can also offer the full geniune engine parts of ZD30 engine.

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