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Product Name: OEM/ODM Engine Gear

Engine Gear Manufacturing Plant of DongFeng Motor Corporation(DFM23)

Global OEM supply to Cummins worldwide.


Engine Gear Plant of DFM (DFM23 for short) was founded in 1969, which is a large production base for auto parts. We have perfect parts and components technology development capabilities thanks to our advantage of strong tool and R&D capability.

Staff: There are 795 employees in DFM23 and 156 of them are technical engineers.

Equipment:  The plant owns more than 852  machines, including 103 advanced machines which were imported.


Mechnical Equipement:

Quality Test Equipement:





Product Development Capability:

strong technical strength for gear wheel system optimization design, noise reduction, strength check and so on.

Quick Response; R&D with Customer.                                                 

Full Quality Control; Self Design/ Self made tooling                


Informatization Technology Applied in Plant:

PMS & ERP & MES system come into service in March 2017.

Technical Patents/ Intellectual Property:

Now we own 12 patents.

New Technology Applications:

Anti-wear phosphating; Shot Peen; High speed Hobbing; High speed teeth grinding; Continuous heat treatment
Honing Hole; Hard turning; Inner hole and end-face grinding.


Gear Product Development Plan:

Global Supply to Cummins

We provide nearly 200 kinds of gears for Cummins global 15 OEM plants & cooperative partners, 3 spare parts service center, products cover 2.8L-95L.

At present, we are sole supplier for 45L above heavy-duty engine gear; Provide optimized design proposal for Cummins engine gear, participate in R & D and other technical support and comprehensive service ability.

We manufature according to customer's drawings and requirements,


Type of Gears We can supply:

gear Crankshaft / gear Camshaft / gear Fuel pump / gear Air compressor / gear from moving





Weight(kg): 0.6-30


Size(mm): 50-360


Gear Precision: ISO6 Leve


For more information, please refer to our E-catalogue.

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