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        Product Name: Dongfeng forging OEM Axle Beam     Dongfeng OEM Bus Axle Beam

        Material: 40Cr; 42CrMo;CrS4 

        Application: Heavy-duty truck, Bus, Passenger Car, Trailer                                  

        Weight: Different shape beam from 40kg~142kg

        Place of origin: Hubei, China

        Certificate: ISO/TS16949: 2002



        Packing: carton, metal pallet, steel pallet or as you required

        Port: FOB Shanghai/Wuhan

        Payment terms: T/T D/P

        Unit Price: By negotiation

        Minimum Order: 3000 Pieces  

        Market Type: OE Market

        Designed Capacity: 200000 Pieces/Year

        Remark: You can send the Drawings to us, we can produce the products you need.


        Our Advantages:

        13 years experience for forging(different shape、various steels)

        More than1,000,000 pieces beams for commercial vehicle

        Hold capacity of design and manufacture die to ensure the production exploitation

        100% surface Magnetic Particle Inspection &CMM ensure the machining capacity

        Good consistency & small machining allowance

        Professional CAD/CAE/CAM application level

        Advanced surface protection technology

        Seek Environmental-friendly Forging


        Dongfeng forging axle beam


        Our equipment:

          One 12500 t Forging Line, Forging Capacity 23600 tons/year;

          CNC machine for die, Capacity:600 Pcs/year;

          Machining Capacity: 150,000 pcs/per year;

          Painting Capacity: 60,000 pcs/year


        Quality Inspection:

          We have the most advanced inspecting instruments, such as hardness detector, MPI、roughness

          Magnetic Particle Inspection

          Coordinate Measure Machine

          Painting Laboratory

          Microstructure Laboratory




        For more details, please refer to our e-catalogue or send emails to us. Catalogue Download Link.

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