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        Product Name: OEM Pulley

        Application: Truck and Bus

        Market Type: OE market

        Place of origin: Hubei, China

        Certification: TS16949-2005

        Capacity: Dongfeng pulley started production since 1993.

                         5 stream lines for Cummins, Hyundai and Nissan since 2011

        Supply Ability: 6.5 million pcs/ year.

        Packing: carton, pallet or as you required

        Seaport: FOB Shanghai/Wuhan 

        Payment terms: T/T D/P

        Unit Price: By negotiation

        MOQ: 10000 pcs


        Product Classification :


               by function: Pulley Crankshaft, Pulley accessory drive, Power steering pump, Air conditioning pulley, Motor pulley, Tension, Idle pulley


               by structure: Single groove split, Fold, 2 grooves pulley, Multi-V, Smooth Pulley, Tone wheel, Complex pulley, Aluminum alloy


        Main Products--different function

        Dongfeng Cummins Engine Pulley


        We brought in spinning equipmentsand techniques from Germany in 1993, and mastered the complete spinning techniques.


        We have accumulated rich experience in punching, machining, welding and spinning during the long-term production.


                                     Forming Workshop 1                                                         Forming Workshop 2




                                       Machining Center                                                               Painting Plant



        Remark: You can send the Drawings to us, we can produce the products you need.

        For more details, please refer to our e-catalogue. Catalogue Download Link.

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