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        • Name: Geniune Parts Plants Introduction for Dongfeng Heavy-duty Truck (DFCV)
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        Dongfeng Truck is one of China's leading truck brand. Established in1969, it is originated from the Chinese culture and has further been developed through craftsmanship with trust, professionalism and global techniques. The company is now expanding globally and is gradually establishing its global sales & service networks. Dongfeng Trucks has its own R&D and production resources in China. The product range covers heavy and medium duty trucks, for demanding operations in long haul, regional and local distribution and for tough construction, mining and off-road operations.


        Dongfeng Trucks Cab Plant mainly manufactures cabs for Dongfeng KX, KL, KC and KR and other kind of trucks. The annual production capacity reaches approximately 180,000 units. 

        Dongfeng Trucks Final Assembly Plant is a leading manufacturing plant in China with an accumulated volume of nearly 5 million units. More than 2,000 employees.The plant mainly engaged in vehicle alignment, KD packing, public vehicle detection, interiors and body production, forming a production pattern with whole series, multi-variety, fast pace, high flexibility and order customizing.

        Dongfeng Trucks Powertrain Plant can produce both truck engine and gear box assembly.

        Engine assemblies cover medium-duty diesel engines, dCi 11 heavy-duty diesel & natural gas engines. Parts production cover cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft and connecting rod. Engine displacement ranges from 5 to 11 liters with power of 90-420 kW. Emission reaches Euro3 and Euro4 standard, and certain engines meet Euro5. It has an annual production capacity of more than 200,000 units. 

        Gearbox plant is a joint venture company between Dongfeng Motor Corporation and the Germany company ZF. The collaboration between the corporations was founded in June 2008 and identified as an important commercial vehicle gearbox producer in Asia.

        Dongfeng Trucks Axles Plant was founded in June 2005 and identified as an important commercial vehicle axles company in Asia. It is the largest commercial vehicle axle company in China by far with more than 6,000 employees. Main products cover drive axle, steering axle, tandem axle, hub reduction axle and low floor gate-type axle designed for heavy, medium and light duty trucks and buses. With an annual production capacity of 900,000 axle assemblies and 800,000 sets of the main drive gear.


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