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        Product Name: Nissan ZD30 Non-road engine

        Brief Introduction: Chinese made ZD30 Non-road engine is a ZD series Diesel Engine made by DongFeng and NISSAN joint-venture company. It is ideal power for ZD30 Engine is manufactured by the advanced engine technology which was introduced from NISSAN. It adopts the leading design idea and methods, and realizes all kinds of performance indicators such as high power, low emission, low oil consumption, low noise and high reliability etc.


        Specifications of Dongfeng Nissan ZD30 Non-road Engine


        ZD30 Series --- Pump Engine                                                                                                        

        NO. Type kW/rpm
        Rated Power/Speed
        1 ZD30D14-3N-P50 38/2900
        2 ZD30D14-3N-P80 60/2900
        3 ZD30D14-3N-P115 86/2900
        4 ZD30D14-3N-P150 110/2900


        P(kW) Flow Q
        Lift H
        Speed n
        XBC-1 79.3 110 224.0 89.2 3000
        XBC-2 87.0 280.0 81.0
        XBC-3 92.6 336.0 70.6


        ZD30 Series --- Marine Diesel Engine  


        Type ZD30
        Rated Power 60-110kW/1600~3200r/min
        Max Torque 280-370N.m/1600~2600r/min
        Emission Standard IMO Tier Ⅲ
        Form Line4/DoubleCamshaft/Foursroke/ECHPDI/Supercharge-intercooling
        No.of Cylinder-Bore*Stroke 4-96*102mm
        Number of Valve 16
        Displacement  2.953L
        Intake Style Supercharge Air-air Intercooling
        Electronic Controlled Fuel
        BOSCH Electronic Controlled High Pressure Common Rail


         ZD30 Series --- Generator Set


        Engine Model Frequency 400/230v Engine
        Speed Noise
        Standby Output Normal power
        kW kW kVA kW kW R.P.M dBA T3
        ZD30D14-3N1560 50Hz 44 35 40 32 60 1500 65
        ZD30D14-3N1560 55 44 50 40 60 65
        ZD30D14-3N1560 66 53 60 48 60 65
        ZD30D14-3N1560 70 56 64 51 60 65
        ZD30D14-3N1875 60Hz 55 44 50 40 75 1800 67
        ZD30D14-3N1875 66 53 60 48 75 67
        ZD30D14-3N1875 83 66 75 60 75 67
        ZD30D14-3N1875 88 70 80 64 75 67
        ZD30D14-3N30A0 50Hz 128 103 118 94 110 3000 73


        High Reliability: World quality , Sold Back to Japan, Exported to the World

        R&D: NISSAN Global Unified Research and Trial Procedure  

        Procurement: RENAULT & NISSAN Purchase System Alliance ANPQP and ASES Standard

        Quality: NISSAN Global Quality Control System

        Machining: Global Supplier Machining Equipment

        World famous parts supplier

        World top 3C machining and test device

        Stronger intensity, reliability, and stability with gantry structural cylinder-block, aluminum alloy cylinder-head,   DOHC and overall main bearing.

        Four highs calibration (high temperature, high humidity, high frigidity, highland); starts normally at -35 and guarantee the environmental adaptation at all condition.

        Max power of 110kW, which is higher than similar domestic production.

        Max torque at 1600-2600rpm


        Application: Generator set, fire pump, vessel, construction machinery and sanitation vehicle.


        Transaction Terms

        MOQ: 5 sets

        Supply Ability: 10000 sets/year     

        Unit Price: By negotiation

        Export Market: Japan, Thailand, Inida, Europeetc.

        Place of Region: Hubei Province, China

        Payment Terms: T/T, D/P

        Price Terms: FOB

        Delivery Port: Shanghai, Wuhan

        Market Type: OE Market and aftersale market 

        Packing: wooden box, 800*800, 21 sets full engine/20 feet container or Metal Pallet

        Long Warranty: 2 years/2000 hours


        1. Strong Power: Max power of 110kW, which is higher than similar domestic production. Torque could reach 1600-2600rpm which leads the industry regarding this field.

        2. Precise control: Engine speed fluctuation under constant speed is within ±1r/min, steady governor rate is far less than similar product.

        3. Good Reliability: Passing various kinds of compatibility test.

        4. Excellent Vibration Reduction and Noise Suppression: Equipping with advanced dual-balance shaft, dual-mass flywheel and starter unidirectional clutch. 2% less noise than similar engines.

        5. Smart electronic control: Highly intelligent smart electronic control, improving the overall performance of the engine. Unique engine type could be designed for specific needs.

        6. Positive Quality: Using NISSAN latest technology and quality control method.  

        7. Synchronous Produce: Adopting the same technology platform with NISSAN to put on the market in the whole world.     

        8. Service Guarantee: 2 years/2000 hours long term quality guarantee.

        9. Environmental friendly: Low emission level, adapting imported EGR water-cooling system and BOSCH high pressure common-rail electronic control fuel system, aiming to effectively reduce nitrogen oxide emission.



        We can also offer ZD30 Engine and the full genuine engine parts of ZD30 engine.

        For more details, please refer to our e-catalogue. Catalogue Download  link.

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